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I bought a Scamp 5th wheel trailer in January of 2008. Never again. Prior to this I always had truck campers since I live in Alaska.

I decided to get something that I could unload so I could get into difficult areas where all the good fishing was. I read the reviews and thought the Scamp was a good choice. It wasn't.

The thing is falling apart already. The water tank fill port leaked all over the trailer and it wasn't until I pulled it apart that I could find it. There are other issues as well, such as the drawers all falling out once you are moving. The refrigerator doors popped open and broke off due to a real lousy suspension.

The sink in the bathroom is a flimsy plastic contraption that is one jump up from a paper plate. The water that leaked has damaged the plywood sink cabinet as well as the cabinet with drawers on the other side and dry rot will probably be the result.

I know I am a certified building inspector. This was supposed to be the deluxe model and I drove down from Fairbanks, Alaska to pick it up. What a mistake. If this is an example of American craftsmanship, buy Chinese, on second thought don't buy anything and watch these clowns starve to death.

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I bought my Scamp in 2015 and found some-things that could have been better assembled but ALWAYS found a way to fix or make it better. As time went on, I found it normal for something (anybody that owns an RV, not just Scamp owners) to have been built or assembled better with their RV.

Over time I’ve camped with groups to find that MANY, and I do mean MANY that owned $100,000 to $150,000 to have lots of problems too (electrical, pump, structural).

FYI: I’ve been on a few Scamp sites on FaceBook that have had good dealings with Scamp and almost everytime got Satisfactory service even including sending out parts free for the newbie Scamper. Go on FaceBook and insert “Scamp” in Facebook’s search bar and find out for yourself.

Plus you will find those that dealt with the same problems you are dealing with and most likely have fixed etc…

to Anonymous #1405934

Where I put "...$100,000 to $150,000..." I forgot to add "MotorHomes/MotorCoaches".


We've had our USED Scamp 5th wheel for 2 years now and have had NO problems. Think about where you pulled it, the road conditions, etc.

as for the drawers coming open and the fridge doors breaking off ? I have bungee cords on all mine and the cabinet doors, and I don't even haul mine to Alaska.

Better to be prepared. I don't think you should badmouth Scamps just because you weren't smart enough to take some preventative measures.


To Mr. Sourdough Alaska...

I have a very good friend, also from Fairbanks Alaska (maybe you guys are neighbors?) who bought a Scamp and then went on to destroy it by hauling down to McCarthy AK when the road there was a pot hole, washboard, non-paved road to ***. He then complained about Scamp

build quality.

Sorry guys, if you expect a trailer to hold up to that kind of punishment, you better retrofit for destructive abuse.


This trailer was not made for the back roads of Alaska .. Or any other of that type of roads ...

You say you are a building inspector ... Hmmmm I wonder on that one and would hate to have you inspect any home I would buy .... With commonsence would have told you not to buy the scamp but on the other hand inspect it before you set up ... You see I was a inspector at Chrysler for 35years and learnt that problems happen along they way on anything build ...yes sir even homes , boats , trailers , buildings and ect...

As far as doors opening it is a common problem with all rv ect... Yes I would have been made because I too was but then realized it was my fault ... Of not checking out problems from others ... There are solutions for them ...

As far as the water goes ...well who continued to fill and use the problem ???

Not the trailer but you ... So as you see you are wrong because other had enough commonsence to figure it all out and are quite happy ....need I say more ?????

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #648858

You obviously don't know what your looking at or have no practical experience with campers. The Scamp line of campers have a very loyal following largely due to to its quality.

True, time gets to us all in various ways.

If reasonable care was shown by an owner then having a 25 year old camper would still be a joy to own.

Danbury, Wisconsin, United States #634641

I bought a 5th wheel deluxe scamp new in 2001 and have towed it many thousands of miles over all kinds of roads. It's the best thing I've ever bought and would never get rid of it.

Unfortunately, you've run into some unusual problems.

I also have a big box travel trailer, made in Indiana, that I bought at the same time. It's a piece of junk, built poorly, and falling apart.

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